Are you kiddin’ me?

imageWould I be correct in thinking that people become more cynical as they get older or have more ‘life experiences’?

I certainly have, or maybe it was there all the time, lying dormant waiting to purge to the surface…I don’t think my glass is half empty or anything like that and I’m not a miserable sod, although you’d be perfectly within your rights to form that opinion based on my blogs. I think I can see through people quite clearly and also have a tendency to inwardly question most things, particularly situations I have no control over. Actually I do now outwardly question anomolies and always ask for clarification backed up with an email if appropriate – with age comes bravery. Now while I don’t always accept things at face value, I won’t be requesting written proof of friendships, for example or a signed weather contract from the BBC (that would just be silly) but I hate to be taken for a mug and so my antennae are permanently on red-alert for all those that think they can get one over on me. And no, I’m not paranoid either…

A typical example of such a scenario is a routine visit to the dentist, you know, where you go every six months or so, just to get a check-up. I’m always wary of their post exam recommendations. I keep excellent oral hygiene, so why do I need to have a filling after every other check-up? I didn’t notice anything untoward before my appointment but now suddenly I’m guilted into following the advice of the expert, having the filling and parting with my cash. It’s funny though, how they can never factor the treatment into the check-up appointment either, so I pay for my check-up and then have to book another appointment to come back for what is essentially a ten minute job. Very rarely do I not return, as I should trust my dentist, shouldn’t I? But secretly I don’t, hence a small part of me resents him as I’m not qualified to question his professional opinion, and I don’t want to lose my tooth, so back I go like a lamb to the slaughter. I had extensive dental work about ten years ago that meant parting with a lot of money and I suppose when all the treatments were complete, I had told myself, that was it! No more lining my dentists pockets – the practice did in fact move to a very fancy Georgian townhouse during my frequent visits back then, so I’m sure I’m entitled to a breeze block or two of the new premises..

Another real bug-bear is having a car service or MOT (NCT for those in the Emerald Isle). Recently I realised my car was way out of date and so got booked in with the local garage, held my breath all day and finally got the news. It needed various bits and pieces doing that cost me an arm and a leg. The rebel in me is always tempted to say, ‘thanks, I’ll think about it’ but of course as I would then be driving illegally, I can’t do that, so once again I have to trust what the expert says in his garage jargon speak. The thing is, my car was trundling along just fine, it was only a conversation with a friend who’d recently had an MOT that caused me to even check the expiry date on my own! So in fact I HAD been driving illegally for a few months anyway!  (keep that to yourself) I have no reason to distrust the hard-working garage boys but how do I know that what they’re telling me is true? Okay, so my car always seems to have a light or two winking at me from the dashboard, but I’ve never once seen smoke coming from the exhaust and okay sometimes the passenger door wont open AND sometimes it will – we have an understanding… Again, I find I’m not in a position to question their authority. That old saying ‘knowledge is power’ is very true. Perhaps I should have taken up an evening class in dentistry or car maintenance during my twenties instead of touring the pubs in London. Just to prove I’ve every right to be cynical, as I got in my car on the garage forecourt to head for home, I switched on the wipers to clear the earlier raindrops away and realised they weren’t working properly, kind of bumping off one another as if not aligned correctly.  Back out of the car and into the garage I went, seeking out the kindly mechanic to point out the fault, ready for a showdown.  He was very gracious in rectifying the problem there and then, stealing my thunder into the bargain, but how do I know what other little mishaps might have taken place under the bonnet? Do you see my problem here…

I hear about people being scammed in the media and I honestly can’t believe how stupid (too harsh?) they are, to have succumbed to whatever misfortune has befallen them (I do feel sorry for them a little also, as they must feel pretty stupid enough themselves without me adding to the misery) The most horrific incidents, in my humble opinion, are not of the financial variety,  but the stories you read of women meeting strangers they picked up online, and taking them home only to realise too late that they are about to become the subject of a battering and/or rape. The most common trend at the moment seems to be giving out bank login details, REALLY!! Wouldn’t everybody question that??  Oh, and another good one I recently read about, described a man who was sending a lady he met (and fell in lurve with) online, lump sums of money so she could set about packing up her home in a foreign country before coming to live with him. Do I need to finish this? You guessed it, the poor fool never heard from her again and needless to say, he never saw his money either! 

Is it any wonder I’m cynical? I’m not suggesting everybody is a potential scammer or has a hidden agenda but its best to be on the lookout and surely that old saying, drilled into us by our parents ‘Never get into a car with a stranger’ should mean we are already programmed to keep our wits about us at all times – Just Sayin’


4 thoughts on “Are you kiddin’ me?

  1. Another great post, Lizzie! And like you, the garage mechanic is a particular bug-bear of mine. It’s the fact you have no mechanical knowledge of your own to challenge them with. And the things they claim to have fixed often seem to work in exactly the same way as before you forked out hundreds of pounds!! I have to go lie down now…

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  2. Great post Lizzie
    You’d look great in greasy overalls!adorned with spanners !!

    How are ya fixed for oil and water !!open up your bonnet and we’ll check her for ya they shout across the forecour….t No thanks i reply you asked me last week !!they ask every time 😤however when i ask the same forcourt assistant cud they fill my diesel… (I hate the smell of diesel on my hands ..the nozzles are always coverd in diesel and never any thing to clean your hands with ) the reply is always…..oh we don’t offer that service 😠😠. !!!they open your bonnet .fill your water tank .sort your oil but won’t fill your diesel ..😠….now I know it’s a different rant as there’s no charge for these services !!!!! STILL ….reading your post helped me get that off my chest !!Thanks Lizzie ..x

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    • Marymoo, with our combined DIY skills I reckon we could wing it in the car mechanics trade!
      And shame in those men for not filling your diesel, you didn’t go in for an oil/water check after all! ⛽️⛽️


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