# Hold on to your Hearts


Now that Valentine’s week is out of the way – yes people, it’s a week – I wanted to pen my thoughts on this national day that celebrates all things ‘love’. I only discovered this year that it does actually last a week. For those that don’t make it out on the night itself, there’s always the chance to extend proceedings into the weekend, ensuring you part with your hard earned cash, so’s you don’t ‘miss out’ …d’you see?  Just to clarify, I don’t have a heart made of stone, it is in there somewhere banging away, probably with more of a blueish tinge to it rather than rosy red…

Why do we need to have this one day when we hope our nearest and dearest will shower us with expensive flowers, perfume, chocolates and teddy’s holding hearts in their little teddy paws? I’m worthy of these things on a more regular basis, surely?  (Minus the teddy bear, thank you). Have you ever been out on Valentine’s night for a meal? I haven’t and we’ll keep it that way. I couldn’t bare being in a restaurant full of tables for two. I imagine all sorts of gut curdling scenarios –  public proposals of marriage, stocking’d feet playing footsie, you know the kind of thing I mean. I would probably die laughing into my Prosecco, complete with the heart-shaped strawberry. I’d say the waiters must have a ball taking the mick out of the punters trying to out-do each other in the romance department.

Now I’m a fairly low maintenance person (not a cheap date, no!) I would prefer to say I have a modicum of taste so I don’t buy into the whole overly commercial side of this celebration. Can you honestly say you would melt with joy if your significant other bought you a 6 ft padded Valentine’s day card, or even a single besparkled red rose from ‘the bucket’? And why the flowers? I’m perfectly capable of buying my own flowers and do so on a regular basis – okay so we’re talking a small bunch of daffs or tulips from time to time (I don’t have an account at the local florist to deliver a weekly bouquet or anything). Wouldn’t it be far more romantic and thoughtful to receive flowers that say ‘I love you’ for no reason at all – say on a bleak Tuesday in October? I think so anyway…

And as for perfume, if I run out, I’ll get some more – end of. It’s always risky having someone buy you perfume anyway as it’s such a personal thing and they might get you a bottle of pure stink, like Chanel No5 for example. Was there ever a more dreadful perfume? If there is, I haven’t come across it yet. It’s how I think I will smell in my 90’s, when I’ve no choice in the matter as to what’s being spritzed on me to cover up the smell of mothballs and impending death. My sons will think I’m saying  Chanel No5 when really I mean Coco Chanel but because of the various strokes and consequent speech impediment, they’ll read me all wrong. Lots to look forward to there…

It’s the little things for me (again, not a cheap date!). My husband is a great picker of cards, there’s always a significant meaning and his messages are thoughtful and relevant to me. This year for example, he chose this card. Did you look at it closely?  I didn’t. I opened it quickly before heading off to work, loved the sentiment inside and left it at that. It was only later that evening I spotted the “Just sayin” message. How appropriate is that for me? I was really delighted and the card will go safely with the rest of my treasured bits & pieces. His messages inside were preceded with a few hash tags ###, to help link it to my budding blog and social media. Big deal you might think – well it is a big deal, he’s not a fan of social media in ANY form, so to reference it here hit the spot.

As I mentioned earlier, we don’t go out for a rosemantic meal on Valentine’s night but one year we decided to go to the cinema instead and watch a grown-up movie (usually it’s  Star-Wars, Harry Potter or Xmen and such like). We were really looking forward to our night out and I chose ‘Twelve Years a Slave’. I’d heard great things about it (plus Brad Pitt puts in an appearance) and the reviews told me we would not be disappointed. Good Lord above!!! Harrowing is what it was! TWELVE hours later we left the cinema in the depths of depression, the place was deserted and we couldn’t speak for a little while, such was the effect it had on us. Note to self: let husband chose the movie next time, so all blame can rest with him. We still talk about our Valentine’s trip to the cinema – not with fondness, I might add…

Look, I’m happy with a hot water bottle being filled for me and a bag of liquorice allsorts (my card to him) so maybe I’m doing the whole day of lurve a disservice – but surely we shouldn’t be so gullible as to fall head over heels into all the commercial hype/crap trap – Just Sayin’



6 thoughts on “# Hold on to your Hearts

  1. Totally second your thoughts. I believe more than people celebrating this day, it is the retailers who try to make it a big day… so that they can have more sales by attracting all the new items in the shape of hearts ha ha. Seriously

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  2. Hooray! You’re back! Well, they do say Valentine’s was created by Hallmark. And you’re right, everyday you should show your appreciation to your other half. Just don’t go seeing anything miserable at the cinema. Ever! 💙💙


  3. So good to have you posting again. There was a bit of a snafu with my email notifications, so I’m a tad behind the curve with my timely responses, but I’m firmly in your camp when it comes to commercialized romance. We should love constantly and randomly, in a manner not dictated by calendar dates… 😉

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